The tires are the foundation of your vehicle. If they’re faulty or losing air, you lose all control of your vehicle as you cannot direct it to where you need to be. And without fully functioning tires, you put your safety at risk. Tire maintenance should be one of the first things on your maintenance checklist when you’re sprucing up your vehicle. Don’t wait until the moment you have to brake suddenly or you hit your tire on a really bad pothole or speedbump before you give the tires the fix they need. 

When will you know when it’s time to repair or replace your tires? 

You Will Figure Out When From the Start 

The moment you’re car shopping will give you a good idea of when you should replace your tires. When you buy your dream vehicle, it helps to get all possible knowledge of tire basics before you make your purchase and hit the road. 

For one, tires come with speed ratings, with winter tires usually coming with lower ratings. Tire ratings indicate the maximum speed that tires can go when carrying a load. The higher the tire ratings are, the more equipped the tires are to handle heavy loads as they offer greater grip. However, the higher the speed rating, the easier the tire will wear out. Also, tires with higher speed ratings are usually more costly. The more you understand the strengths and limitations of tires through indicators like these, the more you will understand how long they will last on the road before realizing that it’s time for repair or a replacement. 

You Get a Warning Light 

One of the best qualities of modern vehicles is they include all sorts of dashboard features that allow drivers to keep track of every aspect of their vehicles. One of these features lets drivers check on how well their tires are treading on the road. 

A warning light will come on to signal whenever there’s an issue with your tires. Although many warning lights won’t necessarily specify what the issue is, they at least indicate that your tire needs to be inspected right away. The problem could be anything from low tire pressure to the tires being misaligned. Take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic once you see the light on as they will determine what the exact problem is before repairing the tire. 

Lower Tread 

One thing you can spot when you’re on the road is when your tires have low tread. Anytime your tire looks similar to a tire on a race car slick, you know that it’s time to get a much-needed tire change. 

The less tread that a tire has, the more likely you are to lose your grip on the road and crash. You won’t be able to brake as well and low-tread tires are easy to puncture. When this happens, it’s time to take it to the auto shop for repairs. 

For all your tire repair/replacement needs, bring your vehicle to All In The Wrist or contact us for an appointment

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