Over the past year, the world has been grappling with a pandemic. While some places have been hit harder than others, and things may be improving in some areas, it is still more important than ever to be staying on top of cleaning and sanitization habits. 

When it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe, you should be making sure to wash your hands regularly while trying to stay at home most of the time. However, as you will need to run errands or commute to work if you work in an essential position, you should also be prioritizing your vehicle's cleanliness. With a clean vehicle, you can rest assured you will be safe when traveling.

Wipe High-Traffic Surfaces

As you will be entering grocery stores, gas stations, and other places before returning to our vehicle, you should be making sure to wipe down all areas in the vehicle that are touched most often.

These include door handles (inside and out), seat buckles, console buttons, the gear shift, and any knobs to storage compartments. You can also keep a small sanitization wipe dispenser in your back and front seats so that passengers can easily wipe away areas before they settle into their seats. 

Sanitize Hands Before Use

Whenever you are getting into your vehicle, you should make sure that you are also sanitizing your hands before entry and when you exit. You never know what kind of bacteria or viruses could be on your hands, and you may inadvertently bring them into your vehicle.

While you may think your vehicle is a safe place, it will only be safe if you take time to make sure no bacteria or viruses are being tracked inside. Whoever else is going to be driving in the vehicle should also be following these steps before entering. 

Wear Gloves When Pumping Gas

Gas stations are not always clean places, especially when you have people coming and grabbing the pump handles one after the other without anyone coming to clean in between uses. As the gas station counts on the customers to take care of their own safety, many will not have safety protocols in place that can guarantee their pumps are germ-free all the time. As such, you must take matters into your own hands.

When getting out of the vehicle, try and wear gloves. You can designate these as your gas gloves. You can wear them every time you pump gas, and you can keep them in a small compartment on your door. Try and wash this every so often and sanitize your hands before and after using. 

COVID-19 requires you to take responsibility for your cleanliness both in your home and vehicle. While you still should be taking care of regular maintenance and exterior cleaning, you should be adopting habits like sanitizing hands and wiping surfaces regularly to ensure that you keep your vehicle clean during this time. 

Make sure to contact All In The Wrist Auto today to level up your vehicle maintenance and safety. 


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