Which Oil Change is Best?

Every couple of months, car owners run into the same perplexing question: regular oil or synthetic oil? Does it matter? Which is more cost-effective? Why do cars even need oil changes in the first place? Why Change the Oil? To answer the most basic question of why cars need oil changes, it’s important to first…
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Driving Cleaner

How to Drive Cleaner Cars have gotten a bad reputation for being big contributors to air pollution. Smog is produced when hydrocarbons (like those in gasoline) and nitrous oxides (produced when combustion temperatures in an engine are excessively high) interact with the light from the sun to create a dirty fog. But since the 1960s…
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Check Engine Light

Why Does My Check Engine Light Come On? It happens fairly often. Either when temperatures drop, or when repairs are done, or seemingly for no reason whatsoever – that little light on your dashboard comes on to tell you to check your engine. Generally speaking, the check engine light is triggered by one or more…
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Winter Driving and Travel

Winter Driving and Travel With wintertime comes winter driving, the holiday season, and winter traveling to see friends and family. If you are planning on long road trips this season, there are a number of things you should keep in mind to ensure you stay safe on the road.   Emergency Kit Having an emergency…
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