What Your Car Maintenance Schedule Needs to Look Like

It can be stressful to have problems with your car, especially when you don't know what's wrong. There are lots of automotive issues that can drive car owners up the wall, like strange noises, a sudden drop in performance, and warning lights that appear out of nowhere. There is nothing worse than having to deal…
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How to Tell You Have Suspension Problems

Your vehicle’s suspension system is what gives it a smooth ride. It’s made up of shock absorbers, struts, springs, and tires. Yes, your tires play a part in your car’s suspension.    This system works together to smooth out the road, and all parts need to be in proper working order for the suspension system…
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Why You Should Repair Instead of Replace

When your vehicle suffers from one of the most common reasons for vehicle breakdowns, you essentially have two different choices to decide between. You can either bring the vehicle to a mechanic and get it repaired or you can instead trade it in for a new vehicle. A lot of vehicle owners are quick to decide…
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What the Color in Your Exhaust Means

If you own a car with a modern diesel engine dated 2008 or newer, your vehicle shouldn’t emit any smoke while your vehicle is running. Modern diesel engines have exhaust after-treatment systems that prevent this from happening. Even older car engines dated pre-2008, which do not have exhaust after-treatment systems, should emit only a small…
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