How to Maintain an Older Car

As a car's mileage creeps up toward 100,000 miles, some car owners think about trading in and buying something a little younger. But just because your car is getting older doesn't necessarily mean it's time to get rid of it. Many older cars (especially if they have been well-cared for, following the manufacturer's recommendations for…
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Why You Should Stop Trusting Your Car to Keep You Safe

The safety features in automobiles are getting more and more sophisticated by the year, and the percentage of drivers utilizing them is growing every year, as well. Yet car crashes and fatalities behind the wheel only continue to rise. With all the incredible tech designed to keep us safe, why aren't we any safer? Distraction…
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The Top Three Advantages of Going Diesel

If you've never owned a vehicle with a diesel engine before, you might have an old stereotype of what diesels once were: smelly and loud, with large plumes of smoke spewing from the exhaust pipes. However, diesel engines have evolved pretty dramatically in recent years, giving them several big advantages for drivers. Is It Worth…
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How Often Should I Get My Cooling System Serviced?

Most people are concerned about their cars' heating system in the cold winter months. But did you know that your car's cooling system is actually what keeps your engine from freezing during the winter as well as keeps it from overheating when it's warmer outside? Regulating the temperature of your engine is extremely important in…
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