5 Important Things to Know About Brakes

As far as safety features go, the braking system would have to be rated pretty highly in importance. Understanding the inner workings of the system can help you identify when there's a problem, and know what to do or where to go to fix it. The hydraulic braking system found in most cars and pickups…
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How to Maintain a Fleet

If your business has a fleet, it's vital to have a preventive maintenance program in place. Whether you have ten vehicles or over 100, preventive maintenance is essential to keep vehicles driveable and available for use by the company. A poorly maintained fleet is more likely to need early replacement and could create unsafe driving…
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When Your Car’s AC Isn’t Working

It's summer, and it might feel like a broken air conditioning system is the worst thing that could happen to your car in the sweltering heat. So when your AC has had enough and quits, what do you do? Is it always a pricey fix? Is it ever something you can diagnose or fix on…
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What’s a Tune-Up?

You've heard people say that they're taking their car to the mechanic before going on a road trip, to give it a "tune-up." Have you ever wondered just what that actually means and when you should get one? Tune-Ups Past and Present Decades ago, an engine tune-up involved getting under the hood and adjusting a…
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