Albuquerque Diesel Repair Services

With the latest diesel diagnostic equipment, our ASE-Certified technicians can properly diagnose, service, or repair your diesel engine. We know that it is difficult to find mechanics who have the proper training to work on these types of trucks, cars or farm equipment. Well look no further, All In The Wrist Auto and Diesel Repair is professionally trained and certified to take care of all your diesel repair and maintenance needs.

We have expertise in servicing and repairing 6.0L, 6.4L, & 6.7L Ford Power Strokes - 5.7L & 6.7L Dodge Cummins - Chevy Isuzu Duramax

If you’re in need of dependable diesel engine repair in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or other surrounding areas call us to set up an appointment, or stop by our shop. Our friendly technicians and staff will take care of your vehicle with efficiency and in a timely manner.

Accurate Diesel Diagnostics

We have the proper equipment and expertise to locate the problem, and then repair your diesel engine if necessary.

Turbo Charger Inspection

The greater the turbo boost pressure, the more power the engine makes. But the time may come when your turbocharger no longer performs like it once did. We can inspect and make the necessary repairs.

Glow Plug and Starting Systems

Glowplug's purpose is to preheat, and help warm up the engine’s cylinders. Glow plugs use an electrode which will warm up and glow orange when current is applied. When the glow plugs have an issue, they can usually cause problems with the drive-ability of the vehicle. We can easily diagnose and repair/replace any necessary components.

Hard Starting and Drive-ability

Diesel engines contain many components and small systems. Problems with systems and components can lead to hard starting and the need for a drive-ability diagnostic. When your diesel engine is hard to start, there are several things worth checking. We have experienced and qualified technicians that know exactly what to look at and how to get your vehicle starting with ease again.


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