How often do you think about your glow plugs? We’re guessing, not very often. But when they wear out , it can have serious implications for the performance and longevity of your diesel vehicle.

Here’s some things you need to know about your vehicle’s glow plugs, and when you should replace them.

Glow Plugs Vs. Spark Plugs

The glow plugs in your diesel vehicle serve the same function as spark plugs in a gas-powered vehicle: they generate the energy to ignite your engine. Because of the volatility of gasoline, only a quick spark is needed to ignite it, while a diesel engine requires the higher level of heat that glow plugs provide.


Trouble Starting

With faulty glow plugs, it may be difficult for your engine to generate enough heat to start. In this case, it might take several tries, and in cold weather, your engine might not start at all.



This is one of the first signs that your glow plugs are failing, as insufficient heat can cause your engine to misfire.


Black Smoke

If there’s an imbalance between the amount of fuel and the amount of air in your engine, it creates black smoke. Often, it means there isn’t enough oxygen for your engine to burn fuel effectively. If your glow plugs are failing, they can disrupt this delicate balance.


Check Engine Light

A bad glow plug will trigger your vehicle’s check engine light. When you scan it, look for a P0830 code, which indicates a glow plug malfunction.


Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Faulty glow plugs force your engine to work harder during normal driving. As a result, you will start to notice that your gas mileage is diminishing and that you’re purchasing more fuel as a result.

If you suspect it’s time for new glow plugs for your diesel vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to All In The Wrist Auto . We can get your car or truck running at its best in no time.

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