With gas prices rapidly soaring, fuel efficiency is on everyone’s mind, especially if you drive a diesel engine. But there are ways to take control of your wallet at the gas pump.

Here are some tips to help.


Avoid Using the AC

As pleasant as it is on a hot day, running the AC is costing you money at the pump. So turn it off whenever you can.


Don’t Idle

If your engine is running when you’re in Park, you’re just burning money away. Turn off your engine when you’re not using it to save at the pump.


Keep Your Speed Down

We’re a productivity-driven culture who feel compelled to reach our destination as quickly as possible. But once you’re going above 55 mph, you lose 0.1 gallons per mph in fuel efficiency.


Use Cruise Control

If you’ll be going the same speed for a long period of time, cruise control is the best way to avoid wasting any fuel.


Plan For Traffic Lights

If you know that a red light will soon be turning green, you can save fuel by slowing down instead of coming to a complete stop.


Consider Your Tires

Keeping the optimal tire pressure recommended for your vehicle can help you improve your fuel efficiency. Also consider replacing big, heavy tires with lighter ones.


Travel Light

Keep your load as light as possible in order to use less fuel. Go through your vehicle and make sure you’re not carrying anything you don’t need.


Find Your Vehicle’s “Sweet Spot”

Your engine knows what speed works best for fuel economy. Simply find that speed and stick with it. And make sure you regularly service your engine so it stays happy.

By following these simple steps, you can run your diesel engine without draining your wallet. Please call us at All in the Wrist Auto for all your car and diesel repair needs.

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