Winter is just around the corner, and this year has gone by too quickly. Winter is the most likely time for car or truck batteries to die, which is why you should be sure yours is ready for the cold temperatures. Most people do not believe that cold weather is the leading cause of car battery death. The heat of summer is more detrimental to car batteries than freezing temperatures, although they can undoubtedly shorten battery life as well. When it comes to replacing a battery, waiting until the winter freeze is too late, an old battery that has been heated up would likely die from cold weather.

What Is the Lifespan of Car Batteries?

Battery life varies between 4 and 6 years depending on the climate, corrosion buildup, and maintained car. Regular maintenance of your car’s battery can play a significant role in just how long your battery does last.

How to Maintain Your Car Battery

Changing  the car battery from season to season is unnecessary, but certain batteries tend to perform better in particular climates. Whether you need a battery replaced or you need preventative maintenance, All In The Wrist Auto is always here to help. We can offer you valuable insight into what can make your battery last longer, and inform you of your options when it comes to either repairing or replacing one.

Take these precautions to prevent a dead battery during colder months to save you a lot of hassle:

  1. When the temperature begins to drop, get your car's battery tested. The batteries in cars and trucks four years or older are most likely to fail in colder weather.
  2. Your vehicle should always have jumper cables. When your car battery dies, jumper cables are a lifesaver.
  3. Make sure you stay informed. You can better take care of your car if you know how it works. We're happy to answer any questions you have about your car's battery or how to replace a car battery. No matter what information you need about your car battery, we have the technology and the resources to provide it to you.
  4. All In The Wrist Auto recommends the best replacement battery for your vehicle. Rather than letting surprises spoil your day, replace your old battery with a new battery that's the right one for your vehicle. Quality often goes hand-in-hand with the price. Choose the most durable and longest-lasting battery you can afford. You can get assistance from our team.

At  All In The Wrist Auto , we have a knowledgeable and friendly staff who can answer any questions you may have regarding your car’s battery life. Make an appointment for a scheduled maintenance appointment today by coming in or calling us. Don't let your car leave you stranded on the side of the highway. Take care of it now before it causes you trouble.

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