Are you ever driving your vehicle, nervous that rain might start because you know how unreliable your wiper blades are? There is no point in getting caught in an easily avoidable situation, especially when it comes to wiper blades. Your windshield wiper blades are a small but critical tool for driving, and if they are sub-par, you can run into a load of trouble and other cars. 

Drivers often do not know when to get new wiper blades. They usually think the problem has to do with their fluid and attempt to buy different formulations, before continuing to drive with a streaked windshield. If you are unsure when to replace your wiper blades, check out the three warning signs outlined below. A professional mechanic can help you install these when the time comes. 

1. Streaking

By far, one of the most prominent signs that you need new wiper blades is streaking. If you try to clean off your windshield after a day of rain, and it is still not clean no matter how much fluid you use, you need to invest in some new blades. When blades are worn down, they can leave streaking behind. The streaks tend to be a combination of worn-down rubber and a build-up of dirt along the edge. You can quickly remedy this when you visit a mechanic. Ask them to replace your wiper blades, and they will give you some options. You may even get to bring in your own you found at a retailer. 

2. Unpleasant Noises

Along with streaking, unpleasant noises are another sure sign that you need new wiper blades. Noises not only mean that your wiper blades are in disrepair, but they can also be very distracting. If you drive in a snowstorm or heavy rainfall and the wiper blades are going full-tilt, the non-stop squeaking will cause frustration. When a driver is frustrated, they are more likely to get in an accident. You can easily avoid this situation by replacing your blades. 

3. Uneven Contact

Over time, your windshield wiper blades can warp. Whether it is from extreme heat, cold or long-term use, this warping can make your blade's contact with the windshield uneven. There are two ways to know if you have an uneven connection. You can inspect them from the outside, looking to see if the entire blade touches the windshield, or when you are driving, you can check to see if all the rain or snow is wiped off or if there is a patch that seems untouched. If they are uneven, they are ineffective. 

Knowing when to replace your wiper blades is a challenge, but if you look out for the three warning signs outlined above, you are more likely to spot a problem as soon as it occurs. You don't want to wait too long, or you might end up in a situation where you need them most, and they fail to help. 

If you have questions about your wiper blades or other aspects of vehicle maintenance, make sure to contact All In The Wrist Auto today. 




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