A widespread mechanical emergency is getting a flat tire. While resolving this issue is relatively straightforward, it’s still not a situation you want to find yourself. You could run into a little bad luck and experience tire damage thanks to an unforeseen situation like debris on the road. Sometimes, these emergencies are a product of car owners not taking the necessary tire maintenance precautions. Here are a few helpful tips. 

Make a Smart Purchase

Not all tires are made the same. Before you buy a new set , make sure that they have the correct dimensions for your car. Choose a tire pattern that works for your needs. If you are driving on public roads, all/all-purpose tires may be sufficient. Take into consideration the changing climate in your area and get a set of winter tires if necessary. 

Tires Don’t Last Forever

Don’t wait until your tires have lost all of their grip to buy a new set. Driving with damaged or old tires is extremely dangerous. The basic rule of thumb is to buy a new set every six years. Bear in mind that this rule may not apply to every case. If you use your car every day, the tires may need to be replaced sooner. On the other hand, if your vehicle is used primarily on weekends, your tires will last longer. The best way to find out if you should get a new set is to consult with your mechanic next time you get your vehicle serviced. 

Inspect Them Frequently 

When was the last time you inspected your tires? Now it’s a great time to do it. Look for any cuts or bulges that may be forming on the surface. These are good indicators that you may need to replace them or have them fixed. It’s advisable to check the air pressure inside your tires every two weeks. Don’t forget about your spare tire. It’s not uncommon to see car owners left stranded with a flat tire because their spare is also in bad condition. 

Have the Right Tools

To get out of an emergency, you’ll most likely be using a few tools. Are you sure that they are all in good condition? If they’re not, replace them for new ones. A car jack is essential to change tires. Make sure that you have an excellent lug wrench. If you don’t know how to properly change a tire, don’t wait until you have an emergency. You can take some time to learn the appropriate method by following a video tutorial or having someone teach you. 

The Takeaway

Tires are a crucial part of your vehicle. You want to ensure that they are in good condition to guarantee the safety of your passengers. Remember to inspect them frequently for damage and get a new set if needed. Get some training if you don’t know how to change them and have all the necessary tools with you. 


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