Summer is gone and there’s a chill in the air. You’ve moved the patio furniture inside and tucked your favorite breezy clothes under the bed. Now it’s time to think about your car. It needs to be ready for the season, too. Here are a few helpful tips to get your vehicle winter-ready. 

Check Your Battery 

It goes without saying, batteries don’t last forever. You don’t want your battery to die when you’re roadside in an ice storm. You can check your battery at a local mechanic or buy your own computerized battery tester. Just make sure that the test you buy works on both lead acid batteries and AGM batteries. 

Pack a Winter Survival Kit 

You can get your car in pristine shape before the chilly weather hits, but that is no guarantee that you won’t end up with an issue that leaves you stuck on the side of the road. To prepare for this scenario, pack a winter survival kit that you keep in your car. Make sure that your kit includes: mittens, hats, blankets, a flashlight (plus extra batteries), an ice-scraper, jumper cables, bottled water, a multi-tool, road flares, and antifreeze (or windshield cleaner). 

Lubricate Windows

Winter means lots of snow and condensation. Under-lubricated window cracks could mean too much condensation getting into your car and causing costly repairs. Make sure they are properly lubricated with silicone or teflon spray. 

Check Your Treads 

You want your tires to be in top shape going into winter because you rely on them to have enough traction on ice and snow. The minimum tread depth for a tire is 2/32 inches.

Change Your Wiper Blades 

Over time, wiper blades become dry, cracked, and ineffective. Slush and snow being tracked across your windshield results in dangerous visibility conditions. So, if your wiper blades have seen better days, change them before the snowy season. It is also a good idea to prepare your wiper fluid. 

Put on Winter Tires 

Winter tires are a mandatory investment for all car owners that live in a climate where the weather drops below freezing more than a handful of times a year. If you think winter tires are too much of an investment, think of it this way: if they prevent just one accident, they basically pay for themselves. Remember: just getting two winter tires is never advisable. 

Change Your Oil 

Oil doesn’t like the cold either. And if you have old oil in your car, it may cause it to become even more sluggish than it already is. So take your car to a mechanic and have it changed before temperatures drop below freezing. 

If you have more questions about getting your car winter-ready or you need to service your car before the chilly weather hits, contact All in the Wrist . We have all the services you need to keep your car running smoothly this winter season. 


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