It's no surprise that vehicles aren't cheap and it turns out that they're not getting cheaper either. That's why so many consumers are looking for ways to help make their current vehicles last longer.

The longer that you are able to drive a single vehicle, the more value you will get out of it, and the less often you'll have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on a new one. To help expand your vehicle's lifespan, you'll want to follow these handy tips.

Drive the Vehicle at Least a Couple of Times a Week

It might seem like driving the vehicle less often would be the answer to helping make it last longer. But when a vehicle sits stationary for long periods of time, it is actually very damaging to the vehicle . It is specifically bad for the battery.

This is because systems like the security features and radio are continually drawing power from the vehicle even while it is turned off. Therefore, if a vehicle is not turned on and driven at least once every few days, then this is going to put a significant strain on the battery. So you can actually help make your vehicle last longer by simply driving it at least a couple of times each week.

Change the Filters on the Recommended Basis

Something that drivers tend to ignore is the air filters for the cabin and for the engine. But if you don't want your vehicle to start having issues within the first couple of years of owning it, then it is absolutely vital that you are changing these filters on a regular basis.

This is because these filters are the only thing preventing dirt and other debris from entering your engine or being pumped into the vehicle cabin. While breathing in dirty air will certainly impact your health, having this same debris-filled air enter the engine is even worse.

It can result in the various components within the engine suffering damage that practically cuts its lifespan in half. So to protect both you and your vehicle, it is essential that you are following the guidelines surrounding these filters that are written in the owner's manual for the vehicle.

Avoid Putting the Vehicle in Challenging Situations

It's important to know what your vehicle is capable of and not pushing it past its limits. If there is a maximum amount of weight that your vehicle can haul or tow, then it is crucial that you don't try and go past this weight limit. The same applies to taking the vehicle down some terrain that it is not designed to handle.

Either situation can easily result in an abundant amount of stress being placed on the vehicle and wearing it down significantly faster than it otherwise would be.

While these tips will certainly help with extending your vehicle's lifespan, the most effective method is to simply get regular maintenance done on it. To make sure that you're getting this done, give us a call at All In The Wrist Auto today.

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