While you might love your pet, the fact is that they can be quite destructive to the inside of vehicles. That is why you need to make sure that you properly prepare your vehicle before driving your cat or dog anywhere. Properly pet-proofing your vehicle is easy with the following tips.

Clean the Inside of the Vehicle

The very first step in this process should involve thoroughly cleaning the vehicle interior, especially the upholstery. If it has been a while since you last cleaned the inside of the vehicle, then you might have some crumbs, dirt, dust, or other contaminants covering the inside of your vehicle.

The last thing you want is for these things to cover your pet's fur after a ride in the vehicle or for your pet to move around and end up grinding these things further into the fibers of the vehicle upholstery and carpet. That's why you need to be proactive about the situation and make sure that you properly clean and detail the vehicle interior .

Purchase Seat Covers

Unless you have a hairless pet, then chances are that even a single car ride is going to result in hair covering large portions of the vehicle interior. So if you don't want your seats to be coated in pet hair, then you will need to get something that helps prevent this from happening.

The best option for this kind of thing is a seat cover. While this won't prevent hair from getting on the seat, it will at least make the cleaning process a lot easier.

This is because you can easily remove the seat cover from the actual seat after the pet has been taken out of the vehicle, which will reveal a perfectly clean seating surface. From there, you can shake out the seat cover outside in order to try and get most of the hair off of it or you can even throw it in the wash. But you won't have to do this right away since the seats will still look spotless after driving around with a pet once you remove the seat covers.

Use Window Coverings

There are a couple of different reasons why you will want to use window coverings while having a pet in the vehicle.

The first reason is for the safety of the pet. This is because the vehicle interior isn't the only thing that can be harmed by the sun. It can also be harmful to pets, especially on hot summer days. So to prevent full-strength sunlight from hitting your pet during the majority of the drive, you need to put up some transparent window shades that will still allow you to see out of them while simultaneously blocking out a lot of the sunlight.

Having some kind of window coverings will also be useful for preventing the pet from pressing their nose up against the window and causing unseemly noseprints on the glass.

If you make sure to take all fo the following steps, then you should have no problem keeping your vehicle looking its best, even after driving around your pet. And to make sure that you don't run into any accidents while driving with your pet, you'll want to bring your vehicle to our team of professional mechanics at All In The Wrist Auto today.

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