When a vehicle starts shaking, it is never a good sign. But knowing that there is an issue only goes so far. You also need to know why this problem happened in the first place so you can figure out what to do about it or prevent it from happening in the future.

Different types of shaking will mean different things. So make sure that you pay attention to exactly what type of shaking it is and then use this helpful guide to figure out what that means.

Shaking While Idling

One of the more common types of vibrating that a vehicle might experience is shaking while idling. This could be indicative of several different issues. However, the most common reason for this happening is an issue with the engine mounts.

When these mounts become damaged, it results in the engine no longer being as securely attached to the rest of the vehicle. So as the various components of the engine continue to move during idling, it causes the entire unit to begin moving around slightly in really quick succession.

As the driver, this is going to feel like some unpleasant shaking that mainly happens during idling when the normal vibrations of driving are not there to help subdue this engine shaking.

Shaking During Acceleration

It can be even more alarming when you go to accelerate and suddenly your vehicle begins shaking quite violently. This is something that you should make sure not to ignore since it is only going to get worse the longer that you go without getting it fixed.

Vibrations while accelerating tend to be one of the signs of an alignment issue . When the steering or suspension systems are not properly aligned, it will cause a significant increase in the amount of vibrating experienced through the steering column. So you'll need to bring your vehicle into a professional mechanic in order to get these components examined and properly aligned.

Shaking While Braking

The brakes are perhaps the most important component of a vehicle. So any issue with them needs to be corrected right away. That's why you need to make sure that you get your vehicle looked at right away if you ever notice that there is vibrating while braking.

This often indicates that there is something wrong with the brake rotors or brake pads. When the rotors become slightly warped, it will result in uneven pressure being applied to the brake pads, which causes a quick series of the pad sticking to the rotor, which will cause noticeable shaking.

And if the brake pads ever become too worn down, then it can mean that the rotor is making direct contact with the capillaries, which is not good for the vehicle. So it's best to bring a vehicle into a professional auto body shop as soon as there appears to be any shaking while applying the brakes.

By reading through these descriptions, you should be able to better identify what is wrong with your vehicle. No matter what the issue is, make sure to bring your vehicle in to see our team of experts at All in the Wrist Auto .

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