Anyone who has ever had to deal with the coolant in their vehicle likely knows that it is not the usual color of most other vehicle fluids. Instead of being black or brown, it comes in a wide range of different colors.

But what many people do not know is that these colors actually mean something. They are not just a cosmetic choice but rather indicate what type of coolant is being used in the vehicle. To help you better understand what type of coolant your vehicle uses, here is a detailed guide to what the various coolant colors mean.

Bright Green

This is not likely a coolant color that most people will see since it was mainly used before 1990. A bright green coolant will be something called inorganic acid technology (IAT) coolant. It contains a mix of phosphate corrosion inhibitors and silicates in order to create a protective barrier for the radiator, engine, and other metal parts.

When a vehicle uses this type of coolant, the frequency of its coolant services will be slightly different than other types of coolant and should instead be done for every 30,000 miles driven.

Red, Blue, Orange, and Dark Green

This type of coolant comes in a wide range of colors and is commonly used in most newer vehicle models. It is referred to as organic acid technology (OAT) coolant and is able to possess even better corrosion inhibitors than IAT coolant, despite the fact that it does not contain either phosphates or silicates.

Because of its new formula, it is able to avoid breaking down in the engine and needing a replacement for an incredibly long time, which makes it good for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road. It is estimated to only need flushing once every 135,000 miles, which makes it over four times as effective as IAT coolant.

Orange, Yellow

The last few colors that you might see coolant being offered in are yellow and orange. If your vehicle uses a coolant of this color, then it is using something called hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) coolant. This is a mix of both of the previous types of coolant and is also extremely popular in many newer vehicle models.

What makes this type of coolant unique is the fact that it incorporates silicates, which are able to improve protection for any aluminum components and help to prevent them from developing rust or corrosion. It is also able to provide the best coverage, only needing to be flushed once every 150,000 miles.

Now that you know what the color of coolant means, you have the knowledge of being able to pick out the right type, even if it isn't the same color. In order to get any color of coolant changed, make sure to contact us at All In The Wrist today.

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