Filling your car with high-quality engine oil is really important for making sure your vehicle operates and functions properly. When you don’t replace your oil regularly and let it empty out or get old, your engine might not function as properly. Therefore, changing your engine oil as needed is a critical component of taking care of your car. But how can you know when it’s time?

You Haven’t Changed it in a Few Months

Even if you don’t seem to be low on engine oil, if you haven’t changed it in about three months or more, it’s time to get on that. As engine oil ages it doesn’t stay fresh for long, which means it won’t be working as well after some time. You should also check how many miles you've driven as that can help indicate how often you need to get your oil changed.

You Notice an Oil Smell

If you notice a strong oil smell inside of your car, don’t brush that off as normal, because it’s not. That’s a pretty telltale sign that your engine is running low on fresh engine oil, and it needs to be replaced. You might be dealing with an oil leak, or even overheating. In this case, your car might also smell like smoke. Check it out as soon as possible.

The Oil Looks Dirty

Pay attention to the color and consistency of your oil. Fresh engine oil should be light and clear, not dark and dirty looking. If your oil looks extremely dark, dirty, or milky, check it out as soon as possible. The consequences of driving with dirty oil should not be overlooked, as that can cause a lack of lubrication and cause damage to your car’s engine — which is a pretty important component of your vehicle. Milky oil could also signify a leak. 

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You Hear Strange Noises

If your car is making strange noises, you could blame that on different reasons — but that’s never a good sign. However, if you notice knocking or rapping , those could be warning signs your engine is sending out to you. It might not be lubricated enough due to old oil that’s not as fresh and effective as it once was, or your oil might be running low. In any case, make sure you get it replaced as soon as possible.

Your Oil Change Light is On

Thanks to recent tech advancements, if your vehicle doesn’t have enough engine oil filled it, your car might be able to tell. However, you can’t solely rely on this light as it usually lights up in more severe cases — it probably won’t detect when you’re just running out or when your oil tank is pretty full but is no longer very fresh. If you notice the light and you don’t get your oil replaced soon, your engine will suffer from a lack of lubrication and create bigger problems that will be much more costly and difficult to fix.

If you’re looking to get your oil replaced by auto experts who will really take care of your vehicle, contact the professionals at All in the Wrist to tune up your vehicle and replace your engine oil. You can reach out and book an appointment online or call us at (505)-242-9999 for more information.

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