As a car's mileage creeps up toward 100,000 miles, some car owners think about trading in and buying something a little younger. But just because your car is getting older doesn't necessarily mean it's time to get rid of it. Many older cars (especially if they have been well-cared for, following the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance, and had regular oil changes) still have a lot of life left in them, so there's no need to give up on them just because they are over the hill.

Get a Full Inspection

high mileage The 100,000 mile mark is a milestone for your car, and there are probably some recommended maintenance items in your owner's manual. If it's gotten lost sometime in the past five or ten years or you haven't owned this car for its entire lifespan, however, it's probably a good idea to give it a full check-up to find out what needs to be done at this stage.

Some commonly needed services when you reach 100,000 miles include:

  1. Fluids. This includes transmission, power steering, coolant, and brake fluids, all of which may need to be completely replaced at 100,000 miles.
  2. Oil change. Consider switching to high mileage oil at this stage in your car's life.
  3. Timing belt and water pump. The timing belt is likely to break at some point, and it's a pricey fix when it does. Better to get it replaced before it reaches its breaking point. Replacing the water pump is generally recommended at the same time.
  4. Any other belts that are starting to wear down.
  5. Tires and brakes. Hopefully you are changing your brakes regularly and checking for uneven tire wear regularly, but this is another good time to make sure they are well-inflated, check tread depth, and make sure they are wearing evenly. Be sure to have your tires rotated at this point, as well.

Find Out About Potential Issues Before They Happen

A good mechanic will be able to give your car a hood-to-tailpipe exam and uncover any issues that require maintenance now, whether it's commonly needed high-mileage maintenance or other issues unique to your car. He or she can uncover any issues that are likely to become problems soon, and tell you how soon you should have them addressed,  lest you find a bigger problem and corresponding mechanic's bill in the near future.

Once you know all the systems that are likely to fail soon and what it will cost to fix them, you can make a more educated decision on whether you want to keep maintaining this car or start looking for a new car.

Whatever your car maintenance needs and whatever your mileage, All in the Wrist Auto Repair is here to help. Just ask for a complete inspection of your vehicle and they will help you determine what maintenance is needed to keep it on the road as long as possible.

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