A good diesel engine can take you through many years and thousands of miles. But it needs a little help from you. Keep an eye out for these eight signs that your diesel engine is in need of maintenance or repair.


Excessive Oil Consumption

If you find yourself topping off on oil more frequently than usual, be alert. Sometimes, oil can leak into different components of your engine without any outward sign.


Strange Noises

If you notice a loud knocking noise coming from under your hood, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It could signal a problem with the bearings or the fuel injector.


Turbocharger Failure

The turbocharger is an essential component of your engine, and if it’s failing, you’ll know it. If the turbine seems like it’s wobbling, you know you’ve got a problem.


Excessive Blow-By

While some blow-by is normal, an excessive amount means the engine is firing too much for the piston rings to handle, causing excessive combustion pressure.


A Rough Idle

Do you notice a bouncing sensation when your vehicle is idling? There are several problems that could cause this, such as leaking injectors or worn-out engine components.


Oil Sludge And/Or Metal Shavings

The presence of sludge in your oil means that your engine components are not lubricated properly. This will cause problems over time. Metal shavings are a sign that these problems have already started.


Too Much Exhaust Smoke

Excessive exhaust smoke is a warning sign. Blue smoke means you’re burning oil, which could mean that fuel is not flowing properly. White smoke can mean that coolant is leaking.


Loss of Compression

If your engine feels like it’s lost power, this could be due to compression loss, commonly caused by leaking oil cylinders.

Want a diesel engine that runs beautifully for years? Contact the team at All In The Wrist Auto . We’ll be glad to help.

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