Your vehicle’s suspension system is what gives it a smooth ride. It’s made up of shock absorbers, struts, springs, and tires. Yes, your tires play a part in your car’s suspension. 


This system works together to smooth out the road, and all parts need to be in proper working order for the suspension system to work properly. Here are some common symptoms that indicate your suspension system needs to be looked at. 


Bouncing after hitting bumps

When you go over a bump or dip in the road, the car should quickly recover without excessive movement after the initial bump. If you notice that your car is bouncing after you hit a bump, it’s a sign that your shocks are likely worn out. 


The shock absorbers in your car are meant to dampen the impact and help to ease the workload of the springs. When the shocks are worn out, the springs are left to do all the work, without any dampening. This excessive spring action is the bouncing you feel after hitting a bump. 

Dipping When Braking

When you hit the brakes hard, it’s normal for the front end of the car to dive down a bit. But once this starts happening under normal braking conditions, it’s a sign of a problem. You most likely need new shocks. 


Pulling to One Side

A car that pulls to one side could be caused by a few different things. The first thing to check is your tires. If you have one tire softer than the rest, it will cause the car to pull to one side. Fill all your tires to the recommended pressure and see if that solves your problem. A vehicle that drifts or pulls to one side when going in a straight line, or pulls when going around a corner, likely has alignment or suspension system issues. Take note of when the problem occurs, and what side the car pulls to, and be sure to tell the garage this information. 


Vehicle Sits Low On One Side

When your vehicle is sitting on a flat and level surface, it should not have a noticeable lean. If you notice that one side is lower than the other, you’ve likely already noticed ride quality issues. This lean will confirm that you need to get your suspension system checked out, as something has likely been damaged.


Difficulty Steering

Your steering wheel is a good indicator of problems with your suspension system. A steering wheel that shakes or vibrates more than normal, or has difficulty steering the vehicle, are indications that something could be wrong with your suspension. The problems could range from issues with the tires, such as excessive wear on one tire, or low air, to problems with the suspension system. If one wheel’s suspension system is damaged or worn out, you may notice a difference in the way the car handles. 

Any time you notice the car doesn’t steer the way it normally does, you should get it checked out before a potentially small problem becomes a major problem. 


Unusually Bumpy Rides

As your vehicle ages, it’s normal for the suspension system to wear out. The typical life of suspension components is about 70,000 miles. Once your struts, shocks, and other components begin to wear out, you’ll notice a bumpier ride. For all your suspension and vehicle maintenance needs, bring your vehicle to All In The Wrist or contact us for an appointment

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