It’s getting to that time of year when farmers and ranchers need to be getting to work. This means that they need to ensure that their equipment in working the way it’s supposed to. Before taking it out into the field, make sure to get it checked up to ensure that it will run properly. To make sure that nothing is seriously wrong, getting it to a professional mechanic can be incredibly beneficial.

Since your tractor is more than likely tied to your livelihood, you want to do what you can to keep it in tip-top shape. Below are some of the things you’ll need to check and take care of to keep your tractor running right.

Oil Levels

The oil in a tractor is one of the most vital components there is. If the levels are low, this can mean that what is in there is getting overly hot. This can lead to it wearing down faster than normal. If your land has steep terrain or you have to work off camber, this could lead to your engine not getting any oil. If this happens, it can cause the engine to seize, and that can be an incredibly costly issue to fix.


In addition to oil, coolant is also an important part of the engine. Keeping the engine cool will ensure that it runs the way it’s supposed and makes your work in the field a breeze. The coolant can also be an indicator that something is wrong with your engine. If it becomes a milky color, this can mean that something is seriously wrong with the system or the engine. Keeping an eye on this component can be incredibly beneficial.


Keeping your tractor running in the right condition means checking to make sure that the belts that are connected to the water pump or alternator aren’t cracked or broken. If you have power steering, this may also have a belt that needs to be checked for wear and tear. If there are any issues with these components, they will have an impact on how well the tractor runs.

Air Filter

This small component can have a large impact on the tractor. It’s supposed to trap dust and debris, but if it gets clogged, it can make your engine sluggish and hesitant to run. In addition to doing it’s job, it can also be a tempting spot for rodents to make their home . Keeping the air filter clear and changed when necessary will keep the tractor running optimally.

Fuel Level

More than likely, you are the type of person who checks to make sure you have fuel in your tractor before heading out into the field. It can be incredibly frustrating to get stuck out there because the machine runs out of gas. If this is a step that you don’t do often, you should add it to your list to keep the aggravation from lack of fuel at bay.

The seasons are changing and it’s getting close to being time to get the tractor out for work. Make sure it’s running right before heading into the field. Taking it to the professionals at All in the Wrist will catch any issues that may have developed over the winter and get your equipment ready for the upcoming season.

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